VSX 2.0 Headphone System

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Perfect Mixes Just Got Easier

The VSX 2.0 headphone system allows you to create your music in precise models of pro mixing studios, mastering rooms, car stereos, nightclubs, audiophile mix rooms, boomboxes, and more from anywhere in the world.

To Get The Perfect Mix, You Need The Perfect Monitoring System.
Enter VSX.

If you struggle to get your mixes to translate outside of your home studio, it’s likely not your fault. Your monitoring system and room may be to blame. But when you can mix in professional rooms with pro speakers, mixing becomes far easier and your results become far better.

The VSX Headphones

The VSX system starts with a reference quality closed-back beryllium driver headphone that includes our patent pending Acoustic Ported Subsonics™ (APS) which delivers unrivaled lows by harnessing the air pressure to supercharge low-frequencies.

This state-of-the-art design creates the most linear sound with precise transient detail and jaw-dropping sub lows. The audiophile Slimline™ no-tangle cable relays your music in perfect linearity and features gold plated-connectors, making it the closest thing to wireless.

Beryllium Drivers

VSX features ultra-HD beryllium drivers that reproduce your audio with incredible precision. You'll hear details of your mixes you wouldn't normally hear on other headphones or monitors.

Acoustic Ported Subsonics™

Experience the most authentic sub-low frequencies available in headphones. By harnessing typically unused air pressure, this proprietary technology delivers extreme low-end so when you're mixing in the club or cars, you'll feel like you're really there.

VSX HD-Linear:
The Perfectly Flat Reference

VSX HD-Linear gives you a headphone tone that’s so flat, you’ll hear your mix in its truest, most authentic form. Since the VSX headphones are designed to be the ultimate blank canvas for the software, we designed this brutally honest emulation as both a mixing option and the default setting whenever you use the Level Match Bypass feature. The VSX HD-Linear software feature ensures you have an accurate reference, every time.

Modeled Rooms, Headphones, and Speakers





The VSX 2.0 plugin uses Steven Slate Audio’s Binaural Perception Modeling (BPM) algorithms to precisely reproduce the 3D sound of famous mixing studios, mastering rooms, car stereos, nightclubs, audiophile listening rooms, and models of industry-standard headphones.  You’ll feel as if you’re really in the room mixing on real speakers. With the Level Match Bypass feature, you can compare your mix at the same level along with the VSX HD-Linear emulation, which flattens the bypassed signal.



2 Years Limited Warranty.

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