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Video Commander Desk All White

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188.00 LBS
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Video Commander desk is an ideal studio workstation for your video or audio projects where the keyboard is not in use.

Video Commander was our first design and most sold unit of all time. We decided to keep it alive and made some small changes and added new features in this Reissue version. The Video Commander Desk is all you need for your video or audio production projects. This studio workstation represents an organized and perfectly optimized ergonomic space. It’s a state-of-the-art design and carefully planned workspace was built to make your workflow smooth. All of your gear is always within reach and angled perfectly towards you. With up to eight standard 19” rack slots, you can easily incorporate your current gear into your new workspace. The spacious top shelf is big enough to handle up to three 30” video monitors, also angled perfectly towards you. Cable management becomes simple with this desk. Your cables will be tucked away neatly to hide them in a hidden compartment under the desk.


Technical specs

  • Main desk
    Corpus – White High Gloss Piano finish
    Desk surface – white matte finish
    8 U standard 19″ rack spaces
    Cable management under the desk
    Adjustable legs tips
    Dimensions W 1816/ D 955/501 H 1000 mm / 71.49" x D 37.59" x H 39.37"
2 Years