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Soundproof booth

A versatile and modular sound insulation pod, VicBooth Ultra is an acoustic cabin for varied applications, at an unbeatable price. 

If you are looking for a space to rehearse, record or mix music or vocals with sound insulation and acoustic quality, VicBooth Ultra brings it all together, in a room that can change size depending on your needs. Designed for demanding professional audio environment application, VicBooth Ultra is developed by Vicoustic, a leading company in the acoustic solutions industry.

Recording and Mixing

Your new Pro Audio home 

You can have two booths, a control room and a recording room, side by side, with space in between. A complete solution for Recording and mixing in sound insulation with acoustic improvement.

  • Sound insulation
    VicBooth Ultra can achieve noise reduction levels of 30 decibels* with only 1.1” thick walls. 
  • Acoustic absorption
    The standard version comes with internal acoustic conditions to suit most needs, with sound absorbing walls and ceiling. Vicoustic offers additional acoustic kits for variable acoustic situations.
  • Made from recycled materials
    Walls and ceiling in high-performance VicPET Wool, mostly made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Modularity and expansion
    The modular system of the cabin allows you to design your own booth, grow it into different sizes and update its features.
  • Unbeatable price
    All this at an unbeatable price for a professional production booth.

Technical Specs:



Materials Structure:

MDF.HLS Walls: MDF with Melamine finish; VicPET Wool covered with Felt (Grey, 100% wool) Exterior door handle: Coated steel Interior door handle: Leather Door Window and Window: Laminated glass Floor: Needled pile carpet (Dark Grey)

Ships in 19 Boxes.



  • Dimensions: 1x1 - Ext. 1076x1030x2230mm / Int. 968x968x2008mm | 1x2 - Ext. 2030x1076x2230mm / Int. 968x1968x2008mm | 2x2 - Ext. 2076x2030x2230mm / Int. 1968x1968x2008mm | 2x3 - Ext. 2076x3030x2230mm / Int. 1968x2968x2008mm | 3x3 - Ext. 3076x3030x2230 / 2968x2968x2008mm | 3x4 - Ext. 3076x4030x2230 / Int. 3968x3968x2008mm 


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