SX 5-String Extra Light Bass Strings Premium Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings, SX540

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Hartke's Sx Premium Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings provide Serious Tone® and enhanced playability for the modern bass player. Featuring hexagonal core wire precisely wound with stainless steel, these strings ensure extended life and consistent intonation. The Sx bass strings are engineered to deliver big fundamental frequencies, while producing a clear sound with bright tonal characteristics that cut through the mix.

Stainless steel bass strings provide a super-bright tone that is ideal for funk, metal and other genres where an aggressive, dynamic tone is needed. They create long-lasting tone with a distinct punch.

For bass players of all levels, Hartke has been the go-to brand for high-quality products with excellent value. For over 25 years, Hartke has been designed and tested by musicians for musicians.

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