Pro Tools to Pro Tools Ultimate Trade-Up

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(Get this if you own Pro Tools 11 or newer and want to trade-up to Pro Tools Ultimate)

For the first time ever, you now have more ways to get and use Pro Tools¦HD. Pro Tools¦HD software is available as a stand-alone to purchase and own or subscribe to annually with this software only edition. For the best performance and sound quality, a complete Pro Tools¦HD system is also available for purchase. The choice is yours!


  • Create massive mixes with up to 384 simultaneous audio tracks, or up to 768 audio tracks with additional voice packs or a Pro Tools | HDX system with additional cards
  • Edit and mix multichannel and immersive audio, including 5.1/7.1 surround, Dolby Atmos, and Ambisonics
  • Apply real-time EQ and dynamics to a single clip or clip group with Clip Effects
  • Get timesaving workflows for field recording, re-recording, and (with Pro Tools | HDX) in-the-box dubbing
  • Edit audio and video with advanced editing tools and support for up to 64 video tracks
  • Get advanced automation features such as Capture, Automatch, and Preview
  • Control up to 12 Pro Tools | Ultimate workstations from a single transport with the included Satellite Link
  • Integrate and control external audio and video devices from Pro Tools with the included Pro Tools | MachineControl

Create and mix with more voices

Pro Tools | Ultimate now enables you to work with up to 384 simultaneous voices/audio tracks (up from 256) with just the software alone. That’s 50% more voices! Freely create and mix large-scale music and soundtrack productions without being restrained by voice limits. And play and review massive mixes in multiple post rooms without being tethered to a Pro Tools | HDX system.

Double your MIDI track count

Pro Tools now supports 1,024 MIDI tracks (up from 512), giving you the freedom to create colossal, richly orchestrated pieces. With a larger palette of instruments and articulations at your disposal, you can spend more time creating and less time stressing on setup workarounds or having to forgo certain articulations. It’s ideal for film scoring and ardent sample library users, where MIDI tracks can quickly run up into the hundreds.

Create more fluidly during playback



Software can't be returned do to Piracy Laws!