Pro Tools Perpetual License Student/Teacher Bundle and Activation

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Pro Tools Perpetual with activation Included (Only for Puerto Rico)

Llévate el Bundle para estudiante de Pro Tools junto con la activación. Solo lo que tienes que hacer es bajar el producto una vez se confirme tu elegibilidad como maestro o estudiante. Preguntas?

Pro Tools is the audio workstation that redefined the industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix music and audio. Proven and trusted by professionals in every segment of music creation, movie making, television, live sound, broadcast, and streaming media, Pro Tools enables you to expand your creative possibilities and opportunities and maximize efficiency, so you can deliver the best sounding mixes possible.

Pro Tools updated features:

64 bit

• Offline Bounce (faster than real-time)

• Cloud Collaboration

• Clip Effects

• Playlist Enhancements

• Layered Editing

• ilok and activation Included (Only for Puerto Rico)

With these licenses, you own this version of Pro Tools forever. You get seven days of support after registering. If you want twelve months of support, purchase the standard support and plug-ins item (HL00153499). With the perpetual edition, you also get 12 months of updates and bonus plug-ins. After 12 months, you can purchase a 12-month Update Plan (HL00153498) to continue to get the Avid updates.


Software can't be returned do to Piracy Laws!