Music Commander Full Set Black - Reissue 2019

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This full bundle set consisted of big Music Commander desk Reissued model, adjustable keyboard stand and our floor rack unit providing you an ideal working station for your home studio.

Music Commander was our first design and most sold unit of all time. We decided to keep it alive and made some small changes and added new features in this Reissue version. Organizing your complete studio workstation on this perfectly optimized ergonomic space in now even better. The state-of-the-art design and careful planning of this desk allow you to have your complete home studio set-up taking up only 2 square meters. This time we made it adjustable in height. Giving you more space for your legs or more clearance to accommodate the biggest 88 keys workstations in the market.  Once the keyboard is in place, your keys will match piano height for the best playing experience. Pull the keyboard stand out when you need to play. Push it under the desk when you don't. Additional rack space for up to 8 standard rack units is provided on floor rack cabinet on casters.


Technical specs

  • Main desk
    Corpus – White High Gloss Piano finish
    Desk surface – Black matte finish
    8 U standard 19″ rack spaces
    Cable management under the desk
    Adjustable legs tips
    W 1823/ D 840/490 H 1013 mm / 71.77" x D 33.07" x H 39.88"
  • Keyboard stand
    Corpus White high Gloss piano finish
    Desk Black matte finish
    Mobility – high-end casters
    W 1540 D 450 H 676 mm / W 60.62" x D 17.71" x H 26.61" 
  • Floor Rack unit
    Black Matte Finish
    Mobility – high-end casters
  • Dimensions W 550 D 490 H 665 mm / W 21.65" x D 19.29" x H 26.18"

 With this set, we recommend ordering a set of cage nuts and screws. 

2 Years