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Gemini UHF-6200HL Dual channel wireless UHF PLL system with 2 headset/lavalier

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5.00 LBS

All-Day Comfort and Freedom

The UHF-6200HL is a lightweight, noise-free, rugged wireless microphone system. With a snug and comfortable fit, it is the ultimate wireless solution for fitness instructors, musicians, active performers, or anyone with low visibility for stage appearances. Its dynamic operating range allows you full freedom to move around in a 240 feet radius while having a continuous connection to the wireless base. This system comes with easy setup and operation along with the convenience of multiple frequencies to choose from. The UHF-6200HL is the perfect hands-free accessory for the stage at a price that can’t be beat.

Reach Everyone

State-of-the-Art UHF receiver with Selectable Frequencies from 600 Mhz Up To 960 Mhz

Confident Control


Full Range Audio Volume Rotary Control and Advanced Compression Circuit to Avoid Unwanted Noise and Create Crystal Clear Audio No Matter the Venue 

Clean Signal

Ultra-fast microcomputer controlled PLL oscillation circuit prevents signal interference

2 years