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Calima Preamp Original Edition

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5.00 LBS

Our most aggressive analog preamplifier.

Calima Preamp has been designed to provide you with a quick and defined response, successfully unraveling the recording needs of drum sets and percussive rhythms for the most avant-garde productions.

The source of its full-bodied and steady sound lies in the excitation of the even harmonics of the frequency spectrum. That, together with a linear phase distortion, grants a sense of a more homogenic mix in the resulting sound.

Furthermore, this equipment counts on a quick transient response resulting in an enhanced sound presence sensation.

Bring out the rhythm of your life!

Connect your favorite microphone to the Calima Preamp and check the improvement out! The sound you will obtain will reach you with an incredible punch and definition. It will make your sound deeper, defined, and enhance its presence.

If you want to make the most of those rhythms plug your microphone in the Calima Preamp, and you will see how the sound reaches the next level. Thanks to the even harmonics’ excitation your sounds will gain the presence and might to make your percussions something beyond this world.


✓ Handcrafted in Madrid with tons of love.


✓ 100% analog electronics.


✓ Aggressive and defined sound. Lots of stability and presence.


✓ The "Modern Sound" of this product is characterized by even harmonic excitation and linear phase response, giving a greater definition and presence to the sound, and fast transient response, resulting in a homogeneous feeling in the final sound.

✓ The audio path is comprised of components of the highest quality (WIMA®, Nichicon®, KEMET®, Panasonic®, Grayhill®, to name a few).


✓ Each device contains original Carnhill® and CineMag® transformers.


✓ Excellent high-speed VU meter, custom made for TIERRA Audio.


✓ Input and output gold-plated connectors.


✓ Phantom power (48V) switch for a condenser microphone.


✓ 20 dB attenuation PAD switch.


✓ Back panel XLR MICROPHONE input. Phantom power (48V) LED indicator in front and back panels.


✓ Front panel INSTRUMENT input, automatically selected on cable insertion. The signal goes through the input Carnhill® transformer.


✓ Output trimmer (-10 dB to +5 dB) for precise control over volume, warmth, and harmonic distortion.


✓ Front panel is made from cherry wood. Each unit has a unique look.


✓ High precision laser engraving, both on wood and aluminum, so labels are not erased even in the case of prolonged use.


✓ Chasis built with high-quality aluminum, light and resistant.


✓ Ultra-low noise power supply with voltage selector (115V-220V).


✓ Includes power cable and screws for 19-inch rack mount.


✓ Includes "Certificate of Quality and Authenticity" sealed and signed by hand.


✓ The packaging is made from Paulownia wood (the fastest growing tree on the planet), sourced from sustainable forests, very light and resistant.


✓ With this product you are part of our "One device, one tree" project: for each unit sold, we plant a tree.